We are a premier advisory group that focuses on current and next generation enterprise communication technologies. Incorporated in 2007, Insight Connections Group Inc. was founded on the principle that telecommunications and managed technology services should not be a difficult experience. We are a team of tenured telecommunications professionals with 35+ years of experience dedicated to taking the frustration out of working with the various carriers and service providers. Our industry knowledge and technical expertise allow us to provide our clients with a variety of solutions, each focused on optimizing our client’s specific business communications technology needs globally. We pride ourselves on establishing a long-term relationship with each client we work with, to ultimately earn the right to become a trusted network technology advisor and client advocate. We find that our unique consultative approach insures that our clients are receiving the solutions that are aligned with the businesses objectives at every level rather than conforming to a service provider’s offering.

We live in a world where technology is constantly changing. The impacts can be felt across all industries in how entities conduct and manage their day to day tasks. Whether it’s securing / managing critical data on a network to how enterprises adopt the latest methods of communicating internally and externally. Many enterprises these days do not have the resources to dedicate to a technical expert that focuses on communication technology, nor should they. We find that many IT and Network Engineering Professionals are being ask to fill this void. With our strategic telecommunications / IT managed services provider relationships, we stay on top of the latest offerings and trends in this space.

As trusted advisors we will partner with our client’s technology team to develop the right solutions that are aligned with businesses technical communications needs to successfully navigate the ever-evolving world of communications, managed services, & IT Infrastructure. Leveraging our vast experience in this space allows us to empower out clients to make informed decisions about technology and services without committing their own resources. Our vast experience and partner relationships, gives us the ability to operate globally to meet the unique technology demands of organizations of any size. Consulting our clients on implementing the right solution is our mission with the expectation that we continue to earn our clients trust and partner with them for the long term.